Tableau Desktop Introduction


Tableau Desktop is a tool that makes sense of the data in a visual way. This course provides practical skills to go further in analyzing your data by learning to design interactive views and dashboards.


This course is for anyone who is responsible for analyzing data and presenting it in a visual form.


Participation in this course does not require prior knowledge. A basic knowledge of Business Intelligence concepts is useful, but not necessary.

At course completion

After completing this course, participants will be able to:


  • Easily navigate the Tableau Desktop interface
  • Working with one or more data sources
  • Set up calculated fields
  • Add a table calculation and define parameters
  • Defining subsets of your data
  • Working with different geographical reports and time data
  • Share and communicate information
  • Effectively use different types of "Dashboard"

Course outline

Module 1: Introduction to Table Desktop Interface
Module 2: Working with unique data sources
Module 3: The use of multiple data sources
Module 4: Using calculated fields
Module 5: Table calculations
Module 6: Creating and using Parameters
Module 7: Defining sub-sets of data
Module 8: Geographical report
Module 9: Sharing information
Module 10: Time data
Module 11: Creating "Dashboards"