Upgrading your End-User Skills to SharePoint 2013


This 3-day Instructor Led course explores all the new end user features exposed in SharePoint 2013. Learn to work with new Social computing features like newsfeeds and communities, metadata navigation, crosssite publishing, Image Renditions, Embedded Code, UI Enhancements, Composed Looks, Community Sites and Reputation, Apps for SharePoint, eDiscovery, Education and Office Web Apps.


This course is intended for anyone that works with SharePoint 2007, 2010 team sites, libraries, lists and items that wants to learn what is new in SharePoint 2013.


Before attending this course, participants should have a basic understanding of SharePoint 2010.

At course completion

After completing this course, participants will be able to explore every new aspect that will be visible to an end user in SharePoint 2013.


Course outline

Module 1: Overview

A simple introduction module.

Module 2: SharePoint Introduction

In this module, we are going to take a high-level look at SharePoint 2013 features. These features
will not just be End User focused in order to help you understand why your company should move to
SharePoint 2013.

  • Lesson 1: What’s New in SharePoint 2013

Module 3: Collaboration Experience

In this module we take a look at the new features introduced in SharePoint 2013 from a UI perspective.

  • Lesson 1: New SharePoint Features

Module 4: Apps and App Management

In this module, we are going to take a look at lists, which are now called apps, from an end user standpoint.
We will explore the new Apps of SharePoint 2013 and what things have changed when performing App management.

  • Lesson 1: Apps
  • Lesson 2: App Management
Module 5: New SharePoint Sites

In this module we are going to review the new SharePoint 2013 site definitions.

  • Lesson 1: SharePoint Foundation Sites
Module 6: Office Integration

In this module we are going to take a look at how SharePoint and Office interact.

  • Lesson 1: Office Web Applications
  • Lesson 2: Office 2013
Module 7: My Site

In this module we will review the new Social Computing features in SharePoint 2013 and the many social
improvements made to the My Site feature.

  • Lesson 1: My Site and Social Features
  • Lesson 2: What is Social Computing
Module 8: SharePoint Workflows

In this module we will review the new workflow features of SharePoint 2013.

  • Lesson 1: Workflows in SharePoint 2013
Module 9: SharePoint eDiscovery

In this module we will review the new eDiscovery features of SharePoint 2013.

  • Lesson 1: SharePoint eDiscovery
Module 10: SharePoint Education

In this module we will review the new SharePoint Education feature of SharePoint 2013.

  • Lesson 1: SharePoint Education


Official courseware


  • Lab 1: SharePoint 2013 UI
  • Lab 2: SharePoint 2013 Features
  • Lab 3: What's New With SharePoint Lists and Sites
  • Lab 4: New SharePoint Sites
  • Lab 5: Office Integration
  • Lab 6: Office Web Applications
  • Lab 7: My Site
  • Lab 8: Creating Simple 2013 Workflows
  • Lab 9: Creating Visio-based Workflows
  • Lab 10: SharePoint eDiscovery
  • Lab 11: SharePoint Education