SharePoint 2013 End User Level II


This three-day instructor-led course explores several advanced topics of working with SharePoint 2013 sites. Topics include SharePoint Server site definitions (Business Intelligence, Document Center, eDiscovery, Education, Search Center, etc), in-depth coverage of Workflows, Site Administration, Site Customization and Site Collection Administration.


This course is intended for individuals responsible for managing SharePoint sites as Owners or Site Collection Owners.  Business and everyday users wanting to learn more advanced tasks of SharePoint sites and site collections may also attend this course.


Before attending this course, participants should have previously attended the SharePoint End User Level I course or have several months of experience with SharePoint sites.

At course completion

After completing this course, participants will be able to:
  • Explore all the new site admin features exposed in SharePoint 2013
  • Learn to use Workflows and search schemas
  • Manage site administration and site collection administration
  • Customize sites

Course outline

Module 1: Overview

A simple introduction module.

Module 2: Server Site Definitions

In this module we will explore each of the site definitions that come with SharePoint Server.

  • Lesson 1: SharePoint Server Site Definitions
  • Lesson 2: Business Intelligence Center
  • Lesson 3: Publishing
  • Lesson 4: SharePoint eDiscovery
  • Lesson 5: SharePoint Education

Module 3: Search

In this module you will learn how to navigate the basic Search Center provided by SharePoint 2013.
You will then explore various ways to customize the Search Center using Search Pages, Web Parts
and Result Types.

  • Lesson 1: Search Center Introduction
  • Lesson 2: Customizing Search Center

Module 4: Workflows

In this module we will review the new workflow features of SharePoint 2013.

  • Lesson 1: Workflows in SharePoint 2013

Module 5: Site Administration

In this module we are going to take a quick look at some basic site administration tasks.
These are tasks that can be done by site owners.

  • Lesson 1: Basic Site Administration

Module 6: Site Customization

In this module we will take a very brief look at some of the ways to customize your site via
the browser and as an end user. There are many more ways at a developer level to customize
SharePoint sites, but this module is focused at an end user level.

  • Lesson 1: Using Web Parts
  • Lesson 2: Site Customization

Module 7: Site Collection Administration

In this module we take a look at all site collection settings and describe what a site collection
administrator is, and what they can do.

  • Lesson 1: Site Collection Administration


  • Lab 1: Server Site Definitions
  • Lab 2: Managed Navigation
  • Lab 3: Cross Site Publishing
  • Lab 4: Image Renditions
  • Lab 5: Embedded Code
  • Lab 6: SharePoint eDiscovery
  • Lab 7: SharePoint Education
  • Lab 8: Content Type Hub
  • Lab 9: Search Administration
  • Lab 10: Creating Refiners
  • Lab 11: Content Query Web Part
  • Lab 12: Built In Activities (2007)
  • Lab 13: Built In Activities (2010)
  • Lab 14: Reusable Workflows
  • Lab 15: Modify OOB Workflow
  • Lab 16: Looping Workflow
  • Lab 17: Creating Simple 2013 Workflows
  • Lab 18: Creating Visio-based Workflows
  • Lab 19: Out Of Box Workflows
  • Lab 20: Site Administration
  • Lab 21: Galleries
  • Lab 22: Advanced Site Administration
  • Lab 23: Foundation Web Parts
  • Lab 24: New 2013 Web Parts
  • Lab 25: Server Web Parts
  • Lab 26: Filter Web Parts
  • Lab 27: Master Page and CSS Customization
  • Lab 28: Page Layouts
  • Lab 29: Site Collection Administration
  • Lab 30: Creating Variations
  • Lab 31: List Throttling