The Keys for a successful deployment


This one-day course consists of module 1 of the course entitled "The deployment in times of mobility". After this training, you will have the knowledge to design a deployment plan of Mac and iOS and Android devices in the world of business or education. We begin with an overview of the various recommended management methods and technologies inseparable from any deployment, mainly access to PIM (mail, contacts, calendars) solutions and wireless infrastructure. We will present the different tools to exploit during the different phases of a deployment, mastering or configuration to the daily management via an MDM solution.

The distribution pattern being at the heart of this management profiles, we will define the positioning profiles OS X Server Manager in relation to third party MDM solutions for which we will specify the evaluation criteria. Finally, the distribution of applications will be studied in particular in terms of Apple VPP programs with our recommendations for the proper management of Apple IDs. At a time when IT is dominated by the procedures in mobility, the focus will be on good Mac deployment practices and devices "attributed" (as opposed to "shared") and the specific deployment issues laptops.



This training is intended for managers of information systems and system administrators wishing to obtain general information and recommendations for a successful deployment of Mac and iOS and Android devices.


No pre-requisites

At course completion

After completing this course, participants will be able to:
  • Design a Mac deployment plan and mobile devices
  • Explore integration with technologies already in place or to set up your infrastructure: certificates, PIM services, wireless networks, VPN services, etc.)
  • Build a kit containing tools for preparing and managing the daily Mac and mobile devices
  • Define areas of use of OS X Server Profile Manager and MDM third party solutions
  • Define the primary endpoints of a third party MDM
  • Define a deployment plan for applications
  • Set a password Apple management plan for the distribution of iOS apps

Course outline

Introduction to deployment in a Post-PC era

  • Computer dominated mobility
  • New user expectations
  • Conventional deployment strategies for new strategies The new role of IT Service

Integration into your infrastructure

  • The role of certificates for secure data exchange
  • Integration with your PIM services (Exchange Active Sync service standard services) Integration with your Wi-Fi networks
  • The integration in your corporate directory (Mac)
  • Standard accounts with administrator accounts (Mac)
  • Remote access via a VPN service
  • Access to File Services
  • Access to records starting
  • Access to printers
  • Single sign-on with Kerberos (Mac and iOS)
  • The backup of Mac and iOS devices and Android
  • Practical work:
  • Setting up a Mac to access an Exchange server configuration of an iOS device to access an Exchange
  • Joining a Mac to an Active Directory directory server

Basic Tools for deployment

  • Mastering and local Mac configuration
  • Dual boot Windows and Virtualization
  • Packaging Tools
  • Preparation and local configuration of iOS devices
  • Preparation and local configuration of Samsung Android devices Remote management with MDM
  • Using iCloud in a deployment plan
  • Practical work:
  • Restoring a Mac network
  • Execution of post-recovery configuration tasks

Management Mac and mobile devices with MDM

  • Expected basic functions of a MDM solution
  • The operating principles of MDM
  • The MDM network positioning internally and in the cloud Registration Macs and mobile devices in an MDM solution Configuration profiles: content and distribution methods
  • Locking and remote wipe
  • The OS X Server Profile Manager to third-party MDM solutions The diversity of market players
  • The advanced management functions MDM third party solutions
  • The MDM solution evaluation criteria
  • Practical work:
  • Manual registration of a Mac and an iOS Installing in over-the-air device configuration profiles

Deploying Applications

  • Applications can be deployed and distribution channels
  • IOS Developer Program
  • Apple password management for the acquisition of OS X and iOS applications Apple
  • The VPP program for Enterprise and Education
  • The caching service for OS X Server
  • Practical work:
  • Installing an application on a Mac via Apple VPP program Installing an app via the Apple iOS VPP