Photoshop CS6/CC – Photoshop’s New & Advanced Functions to Handle, Fix, Create & Enhance Images (level 2)


This training’s objective is to allow casual or beginner users of Photoshop to improve their basic skills. Amongst the topics covered in this training: advanced selection tools and technics; using vector paths; ad­vanced options for Layers; painting tools; the Vanishing Point command.


This training is intended for Illustrator and graphical designers who use Photoshop occasionally, Acknowledged Illustrator Animate or InDesign users
Attendees of the PS-1 training and motivated self-educated Photoshop users.


Before attending this course, participants should have:

  • A good understanding of the complementary Adobe softwares (AO, ID, DW, An)
  • Followed the PS-1 training
  • Basic knowledge of IT tools and graphical design

At course completion

After completing this course, participants will be able to:
  • Process images using Camera Raw
  • Use advanced masking technics and channels
  • Refine a mask
  • Use vector paths tools
  • Create complex photo composiions
  • Add, repair or delete objects on a perspective plan
  • Use advanced painting tools

Course outline

Module 1: Opening and processing files with Camera Raw
Module 2: Advanced selections technics: fusion masks; channels
Module 2: Refining a mask; using the puppet wrap command
Module 4: Advanced typography: type on a path; type and masks
Module 5: Vector path tools and technics
Module 6: Advanced photo compositing with Layers and Smart Objects
Module 7: Painting tools: History and Mixer Brushes
Module 8: Advanced workshop: create a packaging using the Vanishing point command