Photoshop CS6/CC - Photoshop's Basis to Handle, Fix, Create & Enhance Images (level 1)


This “hands-on” training covers the basis of picture correction and graphical creation with Photoshop. Top­ics covered is this training are: picture corrections and pictures repairing; photo compositing with layers; tonal and contrast corrections using Adjustments Layers; the essential tools for selecting; adding texts and effects to images; using basic automation tools.


This training is intended for professional and self-educated photographers, press and web officers, UI/Web designers and visual merchandisers.


Before attending this course, participants should be:
  • At ease with IT technologies
  • Familiar with the use of complementary softwares (LightRoom, Illustrator, InDesign)
  • Familiar with photography

At course completion

After completing this course, participants will be able to:


  • Understand the differences and usages of common image file formats
  • Crop, repair and resize pictures
  • Know how to stack images and how to stitch a panorama
  • Prepare image files for print, application-prototyping and web intents
  • Add fancy texts, titles and tag-lines to a composition
  • Create a simple pictures composition

Course outline

Module 1: Images sizes and dimensions, resolution, cropping and resizing
Module 2: Improving pictures:: contrast and tonal adjustments
Module 3: Repairing pictures: Patch, Healing Brushes, Clone Stamp tools
Module 4: Selection Tools and their modes; saving a selection
Module 5: Creating layer by copy; special Layers: Adjustments Layers
Module 6: Photo compositing with Layers and Layers Styles
Module 7: Typographic tools and masking
Module 8: Automated functions: stacking multiple pictures; stitching a panorama

Module 9: Save and export; color modes; importation