InDesign CS6/CC - InDesign's Basis for Professional Publishing (level 1)


This training's goal is to help attendees to acquire the basic skills to produce documents for professional publishing. Basic skills are defined as follows: setting up a basic document, understanding Pages and Frames logic, being able to import and edit images and texts, being able to use and apply Master Pages and Paragraph Styles, knowing how to export a “package” and how to use PDF presets.


This course is intended for Graphical designers and layout artists, as well as any person in charge of the creation and modification of corporate documents (marketing, and communication departments) with Adobe Creative Cloud softwares.


Before attending this course, participants should have good knowledge of Office softwares (Word, Open Office) or of any other softwares from the Adobe Creative Cloud suite.

At course completion

After completing this course participants should be able to:
  • Understand and save Workspaces
  • Inspect and edit an existing document
  • Create documents with a spine and facing pages, set a “bleed” and a “slug”
  • Understand how to import versatile text files
  • Choose images files to place in a document according to their types
  • Use Master-Pages and how to deal with dependent pages
  • Use effectively typographic formatting
  • Thread long articles across pages
  • Use basic frames and the Text-Wrap options
  • Apply Object, Paragraph and Character Styles
  • Choose the correct settings when exporting to PDF

Course outline

Module 1: InDesign’s intents; user interface
Module 2: The Extra mode: inspecting an existing document
Module 3: Text files importation and text threading
Module 4: Picture files importation and picture-frames modifications
Module 5: Setting up a new document, working with Master-Pages
Module 6: The Text-wrap panel and the Object Styles panel
Module 7: Typographic formatting and text Styles
Module 8: Saving and exporting for print and web