InDesign CC - Indesign's Expert Tools & Techniques for Professional Publishing


This training’s objective is to allow regular InDesign’s users to acquire the knowledge required to become a recognized software expert and professional. Amongst the topics covered: regular expressions in Styles; nest­ed Styles and their usages; digital publishing with multimedia contents


This training is intended for confirmed graphical designers and layout artists who produce, regularly or not, professional documents with InDesign and who wish to adapt themselves to the new standards of the digital publishing industry.


Before attending this course, participants should have professional experience with Indesign, or have followed the training ID-2.

At course completion

After completing this course, participants will be able to:


  • Create alternative layout for both print and digital intent
  • Set up color management
  • Use regular expressions both in Styles and with the F/R command
  • Handle long documents with the Book panel
  • Create a Table of Content for a manual or a book
  • Use chained Paragraph Styles
  • Nest Paragraph Styles in other Styles
  • Use grid tools to import several images
  • Create an interactive PDF form
  • Prepare a document for EPUB*

Course outline

Module 1: Styles: GREP, using regular expressions
Module 2: Long documents and Table of Content
Module 3: Styles: automations for images and texts
Module 4: Advanced typographic technics
Module 5: Screen colors modes and printing, proofing outputs
Module 6: From print to digital publishing : alternate layouts
Module 6: Video and Sounds in EPUB and PDF documents
Module 8: Tagging texts for PDF and EPUB