InDesign CC - InDesign for Digital Publishing (PDF/EPUB)


The purpose of this training is to help graphical designers and layout artists to go beyond the «print world». InDesign has been for a long time now the leader softwares to create professional publishing materials, but it has also become, thanks to the progress of modern devices, is most easy-to-use software to create digital pub­lications both for desktop users (PDF) and mobile/tactile devices (EPUB). Topics covered include a thorough look at all the tools InDesign provides to create engaging experiences such as animations, enhanced naviga­tion, video and audio inclusions, but also to the choices to consider creating a specific content for a specific audience. Two practical workshops will consolidate these theoretical topics: interactive PDF form creation; Interactive/Multimedia EPUB for IPAD and Android.


This course is intended to Graphical designers and layout artists, as well as any person in charge of the creation and modification of corporate documents (marketing, and communication departments) with Adobe Creative Cloud softwares.


Before attending this training, participants should have good knowledge of Office softwares (Word, Open Office) or of any other softwares from the Adobe Creative Cloud suite.

At course completion

After completing this course, participants will be able to:


  • Choose the correct strategy for converting existing documents
  • Choose the correct strategy to deliver genuine digital-oriented publications
  • Understand the limits of the currently popular and most effective digital publication types
  •  nclude Video and Audio files, animations, buttons and hyperlinks
  • Create multi-states objects (slideshows like objects) and synchronize animations
  • Prepare PDF interactive forms compatible with Acrobat DC
  • Prepare reflowable EPUB for devices that support it
  • Prepare fixes-layout EPUB including multimedia files and interactivity for iPad and Android
  • Prepare subsequent versions in HTML5 for desktop computers

Course outline

Module 1: The current state of digital publication types
Module 2: Specific tools for alternative layouts strategies
Module 3: The “Animation”, “Timeline” and “Multimedia” panels
Module 4: EPUB and PDF interactivity: buttons and hyperlinks
Module 5: PDF interactivity: form fields
Module 6: EPUB interactivity: mutli-state objects
Module 7: Targeting contents for iPad, Andoid and desktop computers
Module 8: Interactive PDF form creation
Module 9: Multimedia and interactive EPUB creation for iPad and Android Tablets