Illustrator CS6/CC - Using Illustrator’s Advanced Tools (level 2)


This training’s target is to allow casual/beginner users of Illustrator to enhance their knowledge. Amongst basic topics which are studied closer and deeper: adding multiples strokes and fill options to paths; under- standing sublayers and clipping masks; using swatches to set tints, patterns and gradients; applying Illustrator and Photoshop Filters; converting text to compound paths; setting brushes and profiles for stroke attributes.


This course is intented for graphical and art designers, package designers, InDesign, Photoshop and Animate confirmed users, AI-1 training course attendees and self-taught Illustrator users.


Before attending this course, participants should have good knowledge of complementary softwares from the Adobe CC suite (PS, ID, DW, An), or to have followed the AI-1 training course and being at ease with IT technologies and graphical design.

At course completion

After completing this course, participants will be able to:


  • Understand and use the Appearance panel
  • Use the advanced functions of the Layers panel
  • Create clear and attractive maps, plans and organizational charts
  • Organize the Swatches panel with global colors, tints and gradients
  • Apply blur and drop-shadow effects to objects
  • Create and apply simple patterns
  • Use, create and edit Graphic Styles
  • Crop and scale a complex artwork

Course outline

Module 1: The Stroke panel ; setting stroke profiles
Module 2: Brushes panel: artistic, pattern-based and calligraphic brushes
Module 3: Appearance panel: arranging the stacking order of multiple fills and strokes
Module 4: Colors: Global swatches, tints, gradients and patterns
Module 5: Layers : advanced options and clipping masks
Module 6: Applying filters: drop-shadows, blurs, etc...
Module 7: Create and apply simple patterns
Module 8: Convert texts to outlines; understanding compound paths