Illustrator CS6/CC - Learning to Use Illustrator to Create Vector Illustrations (level 1)


This Illustrator hands-on training course covers the basis of the technics to create professional illustrations for both web and print intents. Amongst the basic features of the software topics covered will include: understanding the constraints of colors-process printing; creating basic vector-based illustrations; understanding output formats such as PDF for web or print, SVG for web and devices; using typographic tools to create logos, ads and banners.


This course is intended for beginners or self-taught graphical designers; Anyone who needs to use Illustrator for basic usages: media or web officers, marketing and media specialists, UX designers and web-designers and users of complementary softwares (Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver) who want to expand their skill set.


Before attending this course, participants should have: 
  • A basic knowledge of common desktop softwares (Word, Open Office) or of any other softwares of Adobe
  • Creative (PS, ID, DW) or a real self-confidence in using IT and graphical softwares

At course completion

At course completion, participants will be able to:


  • Understand and create workspaces
  • Use creation and modification tools to create vector graphics
  • Create documents with multiple artboards
  • Understand the differences between the RGB color mode and the CMYK color mode
  • Import and edit bitmap image
  • Use the Pen tool as well as the Convert Anchor Point tool
  • Use effectively typographic tools
  • Create color and color themes
  • Use Layers to organize complex illustrations
  • Save and export illustrations

Course outline

Module 1: Software user interface and usage; vector-based graphics vs bitmap graphics
Module 2: Technic to select vector paths
Module 3: Creating a basic illustration with shapes tools; combining shapes
Module 4: Anchor points and the Pen tool; paths creation and modification
Module 5: Import and edit bitmap graphics; converting bitmaps to vector paths
Module 6: Choosing, applying colors and color theme with the Swatches panel
Module 7: Adding text to an illustration; using Layers to organize front- and background objects
Module 8: Saving and exporting for web and print