Illustrator CS6/CC - Illustrator's Expert Tools & Techniques


The course’s objective is to allow regular Illustrator users to be more autonomous and versatile and to acquire the knowledge required to become a recognized software expert. Amongst the topics covered in the training: the Transparency panel and the blend modes; shape-gradients and gradient-meshes; the perspective grid; how to create custom brushes; Live-paint groups and recoloring artworks technics; Swatches Libraries and
Spot-colors; printing and proofing tools.


This training is intended for Art and graphical designers using Illustrator on a regular basis; attendees of training course AI-2.


Before attending this course, participants should have been an Illustrator user for 2 years (any version), or having followed the AI-2 training course.

At course completion

After completing this course participants should be able to:


  • Forecast and solve common issues when printing specific colors
  • Use the features of the blending modes
  • Emulate the rendering of artworks on perspective grids
  • Apply precise and convincing gradients
  • Use all of the features about strokes
  • Provide color-variations for a logo/logotype
  • Use automation tools
  • Place image files and use advanced masking technics



Course outline

Module 1: Printing and Proofing Workspace
Module 2: Transparency panel; flattening; rasterization
Module 2: Shape-gradients; Gradient-meshes; using Envelopes
Module 4: Add pictures and paths in simulated perspective presentations
Module 5: Live-pain Groups; re-colorizing artwork
Module 6: Swatches Libraries; spot-colors; Pantone books
Module 7: Create and apply scatter/art/patterns brushes; special brushes for Graphical Tablets
Module 8: Automation: Graphical Styles panel and Symbolism tools